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Who are we?

We are Tom and Vanessa, we are Columbia Gorge based photographers.  We both share deep interest in world travel, and exploring off the beaten path regions of our planet. Every chance we get we set out on another adventure, wether it is tooling around the Southwest in our Astro van or sharing chicha with hunter gatherers in deep Amazon we are  sure to bring lots of photos and film footage back to share our experiences.  Our goal is raising cultural and environmental awareness through these diverse media outlets. Photography is a popular artistic medium, but we believe in it’s documentary form it should carry a strong message, exposing facts beyond public media scope, supporting cultural/environmental conservation, exchanging ideologies and most of all reaching all audiences.
Rugged Soul Adventures’ outmost purpose is to seek out these stories, that will portray human condition or any issue of social and environmental importance.  We want to present professional quality work, while exercising careful objectivity and true portrayal of real lives, places and events.
We hope, our soul  searching, daring adventures can help abolishing skewed views and ugly stereotypes,
so share your opinions and experiences, we’re always open to dialogue. Feel free to contact us, we love to share our knowledge and expertise, from budget travel to technical and creative aspects of photography and cinema, traveling light and on a budget is what we’re good at :) Follow us by subscribing to Rugged Soul Adventures’ blog and get new stories images and short films from our wild adventures.

Cheers! Tom and Vanessa

astroventure photographing southwest

photographing devil's golf course

drone flying in red rocks

astro van living

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