Colorado Great Sand Dunes

Eight hours of hiking around the mountains of sand, one step forward two steps back toward never ending ridges swept by blasting grains of sand. This was a full Moon night, not ideal to capture the starry skies but a timelapse of the rising moon would be ok, too. After climbing multiple ridges and reaching the more remote section of the park we were in for a real treat: spanning panorama of wind blown sand dunes stretching for several miles at the base of still snow covered peaks behind. We spent many hours moving around catching the best light as the sun was going down. Beautiful orange cast on already rusty colored sand made these images really vivid. The full moon lit up the desert scenery beautifully, a few stars came out for us and smiled for the camera. It was relatively easy to find our way as we trekked back to the Astro van around midnight. Even though none of us was looking forward to crossing the frigid creek before reaching the parking lot the thought of a good night’s rest was motivating enough. Mission accomplished, we slept well that night. Memory cards full and onto the next adventure.

astroventure-17 astroventure-13 astroventure-14 astroventure-11 astroventure-10 astroventure-16 astroventure-20 astroventure-19 astroventure-18 astroventure-12 astroventure-15 astroventure-22

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